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Castlemilk House, photographed in 1870 by Thomas Annan.




Castlemilk, along with Castlemilk Stables has an interesting and rich history

  • Bronze Age graves and an Iron Age dugout canoe have been excavated in the area proving that people lived in the area from the at least 1000 BC
  • Celtic Cairns and a Pict settlement was discovered on the 13th Green of Cathkin Braes Golf Course
  • Castlemilk Tower was constructed in 1460 on the site of a 13th Century Castle
  • Mary Queen of Scots (it is claimed) lodged in the Tower before the Battle of Langside in 1568
  • On the outskirts of Castlemilk (at Carnbooth) there are World War Two anti aircraft batteries showing the areas strategic importance

  • Castlemilk House and The Stables

Owned by the Stuart family, the Stables were designed to be seen across the Clyde valley from miles away, as a statement about the wealth and importantance of the Castlemilk Estate and the Stuarts.

Castlemilk Stables consist of a quadrangle grouping of circa 1790 buildings located in Castlemilk. The Category B Listed buildings represent a fine and rare example of a grand late Georgian stable block and are one of the few remnants of the old Castlemilk House and estate.

Before dying in 1938, the last Stuart Laird of Castlemilk sold the land to Glasgow Corporation, which planned a new housing development on the site. With the onset of the Second World War these plans were put on hold, and Castlemilk House was used to house evacuees. After the war the building continued to be used as a children’s home until it closed in 1968.

Castlemilk House was demolished in 1969.

As the fortunes of the estate changed so did the stables. For many years it was used as a plant nursery by the City Council until it was finally closed the late 1980’s and boarded up. In 1994 the stables were set on fire after which Glasgow City Council walked away from the ruins and turned their backs to it.

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