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Our story starts on Tuesday 3rd January 2012 when severe storm-force winds hit Scotland. In Glasgow, a wind speed of 91mph was reported disrupting travel, damaging buildings and blowing down hundreds of trees across the city. In Castlemilk Park over 20 trees were blown down with many more losing large branches.

On Thursday 5th January, a few members of Castlemilk Park volunteer group and the ‘How old are yew’ group (local history group) set off to help remove some of the branches that were blocking the paths. One of the trees was a large larch tree, which had fallen leaving a large root plate sticking 8 feet in the air.

Where the root plate was lifted, a small white earth wear jar and a few ‘old’ glass bottles where noticed. Upon closer inspection, 3 earth wear jars and 3 glass bottles are found within the mud. Since then additional digs have found over 20 glass bottles. Pottery, coal and slates have also been found during these digs.

The items found are believed to have come from Casltlemilk House and date back o the 19th or early 20th century.

The best of these bottles are on display inside Cassiltoun Stables

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